A New SEO Sheriff In Town, The SEO Framework

The SEO Framework is a new kid on the block, but with 30,000 + downloads already and 5 star reviews its a winner in our eyes.

A New SEO Sheriff In Town, The SEO Framework

A New SEO Sheriff In Town, The SEO Framework 1920 1080 A Design Day

The SEO Framework for WordPress by Sybre Waaijer

The SEO Framwork is not another WordPress gimmick, this a serious SEO plugin by a serious developer. Sybre Waaijer from the Netherlands has developed what I think is the most streamlined SEO plugin yet. It’s fast and light which is unheard of in the WordPress community for SEO plugins.

This plugin was originally developed to support the Genisis Framework for WordPress, but his development and attention to best practices in SEO has now evolved into a great addition to your WordPress install.

Oh and did we mention this is free.

SEO Settings

A real Yoast SEO competitor

So lets shake things up. Yoast SEO is great and its been my preferred choice for the SEO basics for years, However when my eyes came across The SEO Framework I was sceptical, I researched, checked out the reviews, downloaded and inspected the code before disabling Yoast and replacing with The SEO Framework.

First impressions install was super easy, I could see SEO placed on the menu bar, once I hit the menu for the plugin in anticipation that this is going to be long hours re-configuring. I have never been proven wrong so quickly, the layout falls native to WordPress, its not clunky and all the configuration options are clearly described to help experts and newbies alike.

SEO Value bar

SEO made visually simple

The developer took heed to the bloated plugins out there today, and developed a simple UI that displays the properties of your SEO in a simple and clear way. Its called the SEO Bar and it’s a great feature. Before you even go in and edit your post, page, category etc, you get to see how well your post or page is performing. The SEO bar is extended once you go to edit your post, with more options in a tabbed section.

Everyone can understand what they have to change in order to improve SEO on their site, with the added ability to noIndex on a page by page basis, exclude the page from local search and even add a separate image for your Social Media when someone shares your post.

It’s nothing new as other 3rd party plugins offer similar, but not in a way that makes the user feel comfortable and most of confident in what they are doing.

Home Page SEO Settings

The Global Settings

The global settings in The SEO Framework are extensive but easily laid out with description on most parts that are easy to understand. Individual setting for the homepage (pictured above), settings for description, titles, schema and social are just some of the few as pictured below.

SiteMap Settings
Blog Feed Settings
Automated title settings

Optional Extensions

Optional extensions are available, some are free like the Origin extension that redirect attachment URL’s to the parent post which is really useful or the AMP extension to ensure that The SEO Framework works correctly when your website is AMP enabled.

You can find more information on the extensions here


As we have used many third party plugins over the years to help with SEO for clients WordPress sites, we have had a lot to compare to.

But we are pleasantly surprised so much so we have decided to demote Yoast for “The SEO Framework” we have already seen a big improvement since, and enjoy the lightweight user interface, and the simplicity it offers. Also the free extensions work well.

If you are after a free SEO plugin without the bloat, easy to understand, great support and has all the essentials needed to help you improve your WordPress SEO then give it a try.

In our opinion this is the No1 SEO Pugin for 2017 / 2018

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