Design, print and supply

ASDA Store – Long Eaton

Various branding design and print projects from the team, for ASDA Stores local branch in Long Eaton. All ASDA stores selected one local business to help design and supply print materials for local projects.

ASDA George

The Project

The project behind the big brand ASDA, was to choose local companies and give the chance of working with their local stores in providing design and print materials in support of supporting local business. We were luckily chosen and was a privilege for all the team to deliver these design for such a large company.

Asda Opticions
Outdoor living
Get set for Winter
Halloween by ASDA
Back to school
Asda Employee Cards

“Its great to help young flourishing design companies to expand in to the retail industry, the team have performed to my expectations, and produced some great designs for seasonal projects. This compny will go far in my opinion.”

Fausto Lallo

General Manager

2014 – 2016
Design & Print