UK’s largest concrete garage supplier

Hanson Garages Ltd

A working relationship spanning 5 yrs, I have had the pleasure of designing Hansons’ websites for both the UK and Northern Ireland.

Hanson Garages

The Challenge

Hanson’s existing websites were built on an old CMS platform, they requested to be moved over to a much friendlier platform, WordPress was chosen as the platform to re-develop and design a site to match their brand. Spanning 5yrs I have collectively worked with Hanson to provide a great online brand.

Commercial Websites

“Our company has grown immensely spanning more than 5 years, Adam at A Design Day has been a pleasure to deal with, and has always been on hand to implement anything we needed, with no fuss.”

Matthew Sims


Custom Product Area

One of our longest working relationships

I have enjoyed one of the longest working relationships with a top UK company. From providing website solutions, a solid hosting environment to cope with the huge amount of traffic this company receives online. To collaborate with some of their other inter-agencies to help develop and grow the brand online.

2014 – 2018
Hanson Garages Ltd
Web Design