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Hanson Garages Ltd

About the client

Hanson Garages Ltd have been in operation since the early 70’s, they are one of the UK’s largest manufactures and suppliers of concrete garages, they have a large base of agents based in the UK and NI, and market their company on a digital and print publication front.

Project Details

Platform: WordPress

Build Time: Continual Contract

Type: Corporate Website

Design philosophy

Their old website was design on an old CMS platform, they requested to be moved over to a much friendlier platform, WordPress was chosen as the platform to redesign their whole site to match the brand. A plethora of new images and content, and functions for the site was introduced into a responsive design.

Custom Functionality

One of the most important functions for the company was the importance of promoting their brochure online to potential customers, once a customer requested the brochure that information had to be relayed to one of their many agents thought the country, a customised contact form and postcode data was built to house this function on their site.


Myles Robinson

The company persevered for 9 months to win the contract with us, we are so glad we chose them too. We have worked closely with A Design Day since 2014, they have scaled our business online beyond belief with online growth year on year, and superb support and design skills.

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