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  1. Terence
    3rd October 2018

    Some very astute observations there Adam, both about his plugin and the author. He’s definitely one of the SEO ‘good guys’, highly technical, and somebody who knows all the tricks and shortcuts. Nevertheless, he’s pretty much ‘old school’ in his approach, which is rare to find in such a young guy, and he’s strictly whitehat in his approach to SEO and his superb attention to detail, both in his programming and his support, which is top class. I have built a few sites in my time, well hundreds maybe but, having found it, I wouldn’t build a WordPress site without installing The SEO Framework as one of the very first plugins I install. And trust me, I have tried *all* the others over the last 8 years and I wouldn’t go back to using any of them, not even if they paid me.

    • Adam
      3rd October 2018

      Thanks for the comment Terence, and I completely agree it feels good to have an old school approach to SEO in terms of the structure and building a Lightweight plugin for WordPress, but also uses all modern practices when it comes to implementing the SEO. Simplicity combined with power!

  2. Sybre Waaijer
    3rd October 2018

    What a wonderful review, Adam! I’m very glad that you took the daring step to try a newcomer SEO plugin, and now even to have you as a fan 🙂

    The big question remains: How do you know if your content is of good quality?
    No SEO plugin will help you truly with that… yet. Our next step will be to change that. I hope you’ll be there to experience it!


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