The WFR Museum Project

A credit to the work the WFR Museum do to preserve the history of our Armed Forces.

The WFR Museum Project

The WFR Museum Project 1000 1250 A Design Day

An honour to work on this project

Due to the recent refurbishment of the Worcestershire & Sherwood Foresters Museum,I was approached by the organisation to help design 2 new banners for the entrance hall of the Museum.

The focus was on both past and present, utilising the WFR colours and branding. One issue was retrieving artwork that could be used for printing at high resolutions as Badges and Emblems were designed without the aid of computers a long time ago.

The Mercian Regiment Badge proved to be difficult, I effectively took a low res internet image, traced over then using Illustrator to rebuild into a full vector file, this was the most time consuming part of the overall design.

Now these banners stand proud at the entrance of the WFR Museum, and as an ex-serviceman I have been very proud to be involved in this project.

WFR Museum Banners
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