Top 5 Mail List Plugins For WordPress

Growing your subscriber base with the very best WordPress plugins.

Top 5 Mail List Plugins For WordPress

Top 5 Mail List Plugins For WordPress 560 420 A Design Day

Grow your email lists with these top plugins

You need to create an email list.

I know…you’ve most likely seen this advice written million times over, however that’s because it’s a fact.

Your email list helps you boost your new content, revive your old content, and just generally make more money. It’s also an evergreen asset. Search rankings will rise and fall, however your list, if cared for, will continuously remain relatively stable.

Effective list building needs effective tools, though. the days of coyly displaying an opt-in form in your sidebar are, sadly, gone. you need to get a bit more creative than that.

And that’s what this post is all about – providing you with the most effective WordPress list building plugins so that you’ll be able to build your subscribers in the most effective means possible.

Ill provide you with the top 5 best email optin plugins, that you should be using. And as a bonus A full landing page optin builder at the bottom of the post.

Let’s get into it…

If you want something in life, research says that you simply should ask for it. Guess what – that applies to list building, too. If you wish someone to subscribe to your list, it helps to actually ask them in a very noticeable way.

That’s what the five plugins below are all about – helping you ask individuals to sign up for your list with a range of creative popovers and opt-in forms.

1. Thrive Leads – 10 form types and powerful A/B testing

Thrive Leads

Like all of Thrive Themes products, Thrive Leads is all about increasing one thing:


What’s that mean for you? more visitors signing up for your email list.

To accomplish that, Thrive Leads is full of list building options. to start you off, it has 10 completely different opt-in forms you’ll be able to use. Popups, ribbons, sliders – they’re all there. That’s the most form choices of any plugin on this list.

You can trigger all these forms by exit intent, timing, scrolling, or clicking. And here’s the very cool thing:

You’re not restricted to just one opt-in form per web site.

You can produce different forms for separate posts, pages, categories, custom URLs, and more. Then, you can synchronise each form to separate lists to make hyper-segmented subscriber lists.

Thrive Leads doesn’t stop working once you make your form live, either. It helps you check literally everything about your forms. you can take a look at different form types, triggers, content, design and more! having the ability to test different form types against one another is a unique feature.

And once a user subscribes, Thrive Leads does two things with its SmartLinks feature:

It stops annoying your existing subscribers by bugging them to subscribe to a list they’re already on.
It allows you to show special offers that only your subscribers will see.
With these conversion-focused options, Thrive Leads undoubtedly deserves its place at the top of this list.

2. Bloom by Elegant Themes – Two unique placements

Bloom email plugin

Bloom is another giant within the list building niche. It comes from Elegant Themes, who are behind powerhouses like the Divi Theme and Monarch social sharing plugin.

Bloom comes with six different form varieties, including popups, flyins, widgets, and more. you’ll be able to target these forms by the standard options like time, scrolling, and inactivity. and so Elegant Themes ups the ante with two unique triggers:

“After commenting” and “after purchasing”.

The only notable exception is no exit intent trigger. as a result of patent issues, Elegant Themes has shied away from including this feature in Bloom for now.

Bloom additionally helps you to target forms by posts, pages, and categories. And you can A/B test forms to optimize conversions, although you’re limited to testing multiple variations of the same form type against one another.

And, of course, one of the most important benefits of Bloom is that you get access to all Elegant Themes’ themes and plugins after you subscribe, which opens up an entire treasure chest of powerful tools.

3. WP Subscribe Pro by MyThemeShop – Affordable popup opt-ins

WP Subscribe Pro

WP Subscribe from MyThemeShop comes in both a free and premium version. while the free choice works in a basic sense, to get access to the most effective options, you actually need to go with the professional version.

WP Subscribe professional allows you to add a custom popup subscribe box that appears based on a variety of triggers. you can trigger your box by timing, scrolling, or exit intent. you’ll also select from a range of animation effects once your box displays.

If you don’t need a popup, you also get the choice to add newsletter opt-in boxes above or below your content.

You can exclude certain posts/pages and configure cookie timing to limit how often individual users can see your subscribe boxes.

Though it lacks A/B testing and therefore the sheer variety of opt-in forms offered by Thrive Leads and Bloom, WP Subscribe professional is also considerably cheaper.

4. SumoMe – Free with multiple effective form types

Sumo Email Optin

SumoMe isn’t restricted to just list building – it’s a full tool cabinet packed with useful marketing apps all wrapped up in one plugin.

But the apps i really wish to focus on here are:

  • List Builder
  • Welcome Mat
  • Scroll Box
  • Smart Bar

Between them, they allow you to make a huge variety of opt-in forms. List Builder adds popups, while Scroll Box and smart Bar add their titular form varieties.

But the really extraordinary one is welcome mat. It adds a slide-down welcome opt-in form that SumoMe claims will double your conversion rate.

With all the list building apps, you can customise colours and text. And if you go professional, you’ll additionally get access to detailed targeting and built-in A/B testing tools to optimize your conversion rate.

If you want something that works great even in the free version, SumoMe may be a fantastic choice.

5. OptinMonster – Great for managing multiple websites

Optin Monster

OptinMonster could be a powerful standalone list building tool. but it makes this list because they have a dedicated plugin that makes integration with WordPress 100 percent painless.

OptinMonster offers up eight totally different opt-in forms which can be created easily with a drag and drop builder.

These choices include essentials like popups, slide-ins, and others. They additionally offer a useful option called “Canvas” that allows you to insert any code block in a popup. This helps you to easily include quizzes, videos, Facebook “like” boxes, or anything code-based.

You also get access to OptinMonster’s Exit-Intent technology, among their other targeting options. And page level targeting gives you even more management over where and when your opt-in forms show.

Once you’ve got your forms up and running, OptinMonster’s A/B testing and analytics tools will help maximize your conversion rates.


The best landing page plugin for list building

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect – Themed templates and Thrive Leads integration

Among the impressive features I’ll discuss below, Thrive architect has two powerful things going for it:

It includes a robust drag & drop visual editor AND it integrates with Thrive Leads.

Thrive architect includes 157+ templates to help you start. but these aren’t just any landing page templates – these templates are excellent for list building. Here’s why:

While several landing page builders just offer you templates for a solitary landing page, Thrive architect includes themed templates that cover the whole funnel. meaning you’ll be able to have your main page with a “Subscribe” box, follow it up with a similarly themed “thank you” page, and then kick it into overdrive with one more themed email confirmation page.

In addition to the themed templates, you can also create or edit landing pages with the drag and drop editor. And since this is a page builder plugin, you’ll also produce custom layouts within any page or post on your website. And because you can easily embed Thrive Leads forms within your landing pages, you’ll be able to combine Thrive architect and Thrive Leads for powerful full-stack list building.

Have we missed a great Opt-in Plugin? Did you like this post? if so help us out by commenting below.

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