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Undoubtedly, the world of web design is continually evolving. There is a need for businesses to keep up with emerging trends or face being left behind the competition. In particular, they will need to ensure their website is mobile-friendly, responds well to voice searches, and is very fast- loading.


Visitors do not want to see a cluttered site that is not easy to navigate. The correct use of white space is the ideal way to achieve this. Each element should be distinct from the rest yet flow smoothly, allowing a user's eyes to rest at specific points.

Playful Cursors

This is a great way to engage visitors and encourage them to stay longer on a page. Allowing users to pick their own cursor will give a sense of fun, and animated options will be popular. This will also lower the bounce rate as visitors will spend time playing with the different choices.

Custom Illustrations

The use of free, stock images is now frowned upon, and regular internet searchers soon get to recognise the same photos used time and time again. For those businesses with the necessary budget, illustrators can be hired to design professional and individual artwork.

Other new web design trends include the use of pastel colours, voice-enabled interfaces, full-page headers, dynamic scrolling, and grid layouts. By combining several recent trends, a business can rest assured that it will catch and retain a visitor's attention.